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Court Ordered Volunteer FAQs

1. What is San Antonio Food Banks policy on volunteers who are assigned court ordered community service hours?

Individuals who receive a court order to perform community service will be accepted on a case by case basis. Individuals convicted of certain serious offenses will not be accepted to volunteer due to potential safety risks for other volunteers and staff.

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2. When can a court ordered individual volunteer?

Registered Court Ordered Volunteers will be contacted by Volunteer Services regarding available schedule times.

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3. Are walk-in volunteers accepted?

No, all volunteering is by appointment only and requires pre-screening.

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4. Can I donate food or money in lieu of community service hours?

Yes, but requires the pre-approval of the court, private attorney or probation services.

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5. When can I make donations?

Payment will be accepted at the San Antonio Food Bank between the hours of 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. The method of acceptable payment is Cash or Money Orders ONLY.

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6. How do I know if my court accepts money or food in lieu of community service hours and do I need to show proof to the San Antonio Food Bank staff?

Some courts will discuss this option in the beginning, if not the individual will need to contact the applicable court, probation officer or their private attorney. Proof of the approval will be requested at time of Payment by the SAFB Community Service Representative. When making the payment you will be asked for the complete name as it appears on all court documents, SID/Case Number, Name of Probation Officer/Referring Attorney or Judge.

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*Money or food donated is non-refundable for those who did not seek prior approval. - If you have not been provided written documentation that reads a payment can be made in lieu of working court ordered community service hours, the San Antonio Food Bank recommends you request this information prior to making the payment.

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If any questions regarding the process for Volunteer Hours,
please contact Melissa Schulz 210-431-8388

If any questions regarding the process to Donate in lieu of Hours,
please contact Danica Moran 210-431-8307

7. How much money do I need to donate for (1) community service hour?

If the court has not assigned a monetary value to each community service hour the San Antonio Food Bank will use an exchange rate of (1) community service hour equals $(8) dollars. Payment must be made with CASH or Money Order. If cash, it must be the exact amount, we do not carry change. Payment will not be acceptable via Online, Credit Card or Personal/Business Check. If mailing in a money order, please mail to 5200 Old Hwy 90 W. San Antonio, Tx 78227. Be sure to provide your name/case or SID# with PO's name in the comments.

8. How much food do I need to donate for (1) community service hour?

If the court has not assigned a dollar value to each community service hour the San Antonio Food Bank will use an exchange of (1) community service hour equals $(8) dollars worth of food. Food purchased that will be donated must accompany the grocery receipt. Food donations cannot be purchased with WIC or Lonestar.

9. Do I need to buy new food or can I use food that I have already purchased?

For safety reasons the San Antonio Food Bank can only accept new food. A receipt is required for all for food item donations.

10. Do I have to donate food and money all at once or can I make installments?

No, the San Antonio Food Bank will accept money or food in any amount the individual wishes to make at the time. It is the responsibility of the donor to be aware of their payoff deadline with Bexar County Adult Probation.

11. What do I need to bring with me when I make a donations?

The individual should bring the client referral form that reflects name, case/SID#, probation officers name and the approved amount per hour. *Note* if no dollar amount is noted on referral, the rate per house will be $8 per hour.

12. Do I need to come in or can someone else come make the donation for me?

Yes, the individual can designate any person to make the donation as long as the designated person has the case number or SID number. The San Antonio Food Bank is not responsible if the designated person does not make the donation or is less than the individual intended to donate.

13. What will the San Antonio Food Bank give me when I make a money/food donation?

The SAFB provides a general receipt for all money or food donated. A letter from SAFB acknowledging the donation made in lieu of Community Service will be available upon request ONLY from the probation office/court, private attorney or judge directly.

14. If I lose my receipt can I get a duplicate copy?

No, duplicate receipts are only available when requested by the probation office, judge, court or attorney.