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Spurs Community Garden

Pop, Spurs Coyote and EricThe Spurs Community Garden is an exciting initiative of San Antonio Food Bank's Nutrition Education Program.

It sits upon 5.5 acres of land and consists of the following sections:

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  • Teaching/Demo Garden which includes an Herb Garden, Grape Arbors and a Square Foot Garden instruction area.
  • Large Production Garden with 12 plots destined to produce all-natural vegetables.
  • Fruit Trees that consist of 53 trees lined upon the perimeter of the garden.
  • Bee Hives for teaching and pollination purposes.
  • Walking Trail to promote physical activity.

It was constructed to contribute to a healthier city environment by the striving to achieve the following goals:

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  • To produce large quantities of organic fruits and vegetables for distribution to the food insecure
  • To increase self-sufficiency through instruction of basic backyard food production techniques
  • To provide fresh fruits and vegetables to be used by our Community Kitchen to feed the disadvantaged
  • To provide nutrition education to encourage increased consumption of fruits and vegetables and increased exercise for the prevention of overweight and obesity conditions
  • Educating children about positive ways to improve the environment
  • Promoting community service awareness by offering numerous volunteer opportunities out in the garden

Accomplishments to Date

  • Produced 2,640 pounds of produce in the first year of operation which was distributed to the San Antonio Food Bank's network of agencies and used by the Community Kitchen and Nutrition Education program. We are aiming for 5,000 lbs. of production for 2010.
  • Recruited 602 volunteers to learn about gardening and assist in general garden maintenance.
  • Started a partnership with Highlands High School to begin an Agriculture program to grow produce (tomatoes, spinach, peppers and onions) for individuals and families in need.
  • Served as a summer work site for local high school students.
  • Constructed a Tractor/Tool Shed and a Green House.
  • Developed an 8-week Gardening Curriculum for Primary School Children aimed at introducing children to simple gardening concepts.
  • Working with city and county officials to implement a water harvesting project to benefit the garden.

How You Can Help

  • Volunteer to help with construction of the garden and with garden chores.
  • Make a donation of seeds, compost, gardening tools, building materials and money.

Click here for more facts about the San Antonio Food Bank Community Garden.

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Community Partners

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension:

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The mission of the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service is to improve the lives of people, businesses and communities across Texas and beyond through high-quality, relevant, education. Through its programs, AgriLife Extension helps Texans eat well, stay healthy, manage money and raise their children to be successful adults. It also helps people by providing knowledge that allows them to prevent problems, acquire the tools to achieve economic stability and security, and improve stewardship of the environment and the state’s natural resources.

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Bexar County Master Gardeners:

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The Bexar County Master Gardener program is a volunteer development program of the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service and is designed to increase the availability of horticultural information and improve the quality of life through horticultural projects. Master Gardeners are highly-trained volunteers working with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension to provide residents with information on environmentally responsible gardening and landscaping. They provide unbiased, research-based information, problem-solving expertise and educational opportunities to county residents.

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